5 Reasons Being Sober By Choice Will Change Your Life Life Coach For Sober Curious & Alcohol-Free Women

More than likely, some of your relationships with friends and family members were damaged by your addiction. Addiction often has that effect, whether you were cut off from loved ones who tried to help or you yourself pushed loved ones away in the name of drugs. These days, I have an uncanny ability to look on the bright side. I can easily find a gold nugget in an otherwise negative situation.

why sobriety is better

Being clean can be the equivalent of being a dry drunk or white-knuckling your sobriety. The dark circles under your eyes will return 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House to life when you quit drinking. Once sober and clear-eyed, you can keep your eyes in shape with Vitamins C, E, A, and Zinc.

More Energy

In the long run, you’ll be less susceptible to serious health complications. In most cases, this means that the addiction only worsens. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, it’s never too late to ask for help from our alumni group.

You’ll probably find that the important relationships in your life mean more to you than drugs or alcohol ever did. On a deeper level, living a sober lifestyle can mean you choose not to drink alcohol for the long-term. That can be because of substance abuse issues or you just want to live healthier. Maybe you discovered moderation wasn’t for you after flirting with the sober curious lifestyle. It is impossible to overstate the benefits of sobriety.

You also need to keep an open mind.

When I’ve been on holiday breaks in the past, at times, it’s taken a huge effort to wait until midday to have a drink. My psych made me realise that I have other things to worry about. Almost a nice little distraction from the constant reminder I had been feeding myself not to drink. I think at times I was putting way too much pressure on myself not to drink. I also knew from my second appointment onwards that if I wanted to keep making progress, drugs and alcohol wouldn’t be an option. I needed the mental fog to lift so that I could focus more on the work that I had to do.

  • Similar to how you’d “wring out a a sponge,” brain cells actually shrivel up to 40% of their usual size to expose and wash away waste.
  • If you are seeking advice on how to better your sobriety, we can help.
  • This causes you to build good habits and character, like discipline and perseverance.

Think “orange” for eyes – oranges, carrots, and apricots. Sobering up means you’re in the process of becoming less intoxicated after drinking enough alcohol to get drunk. There really isn’t any way to speed up the process, despite what you may have heard about greasy burgers. Once you stop drinking, the only way to sober up is to wait it out. I said to Paul, “I think I’ve just realised something, you don’t get the benefit from this shit at the time, or immediately after.

#6: The Road to Recovery Builds Good Character.

If there are friends that you only see when there is alcohol around, it’s time for a new social life. By replacing time you would have spent with them with quality time spent with your friends or family, the bonds with positive people will strengthen. This will make staying in long-term recovery even easier, and you’ll feel much better emotionally, mentally, and physically.